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31 décembre 2015 4 31 /12 /décembre /2015 18:28
Poem: A question of ivory

Without ever slowing down or hastening his pace,

On bushland trails, strides the patriarch.

The dusty sun adorns with water colours

His wrinkled hide whose patina is sparkling.


His confident footsteps crash down only to brush shadows.

The graceful weight of his sombre bulk

Which proudly trumpets a denial of heaviness

Awards him the title of wise adventurer.


The august pachyderm with his placid nature

Arouses indecent and greedy interest

Although he has won general acclaim

Among men who used him for his robustness.


When the elephant stumbles it is like earth capsizing,

When he collapses under the blows of repugnant vampires

We all mourn the loss of our dignity

And we are buried in disgrace to humanity.


It is now time for science and ethics

To give all his rights to the epic animal.

He is with all his strength the symbol of life,

The safeguard of our liberty and our survival.


For a hunting trophy or an ivory jewel

Some people sell their souls to the devil, refusing to see

That by killing the giant they supply with weapons

The ugliness of a world that will die in tears.

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